Can Pets Take CDB Products?

Can Pets Take CBD?

Everyone is talking about cannabidiol (CBD) worldwide. It has become a worldwide natural wonder that everybody wants a piece of. Millions of people religiously take CBD and swear by its benefits. There are plenty of studies to back it up too. People are so fascinated by CBD that there are thousands of studies, all coming to similar conclusions.

In humans, CBD is proven to treat epilepsy fits, anxiety, and even acne. Most people are familiar with the main incredible benefits humans get when taking it, but not many are sure whether it is safe for their pets to take it. There are CBD gummies, CBD oil, or even CBD lotions, but are any of them safe?

The first thing to clear up is that yes, pets can and do take CBD. The Anti-Cruelty Society deems it safe for all pets as there are no known toxicity levels. Plus, there is no THC which is the active psychedelic found in marijuana, so there is no chance of your pets walking round high. Like humans, our pets benefit so much from CBD when used alongside a healthy animal diet. This short read will discuss some of the benefits and when a pet should take CBD.


The Top Benefits for Pets Taking CBD

It might interest you to know that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which scientists discovered in the 1990s. Although research on ECS is still in its early stages, we know it plays a role in a mammal’s bodily functions. Sleep, memory, inflammation, fertility, and mood are just some of the bodily functions the ECS helps to maintain. It basically helps to keep the body in a healthy balance.

It is known that CBD affects the ECS, and the ECS is connected to the nervous system and other bodily functions such as the inflammatory response. Although research into the benefits of CBD in pets is only just taking off, there are plenty of interesting peer-reviewed studies to read. For this reason, it is important to remember the results of CBD vary, and a lot of the most exciting data is from pet owners reporting the benefits of giving CBD to their animal babies. The benefits top three reported benefits are:


Pain and Inflammation

Like mentioned, CBD affects the nervous system, which also triggers inflammatory responses and pain. So, it is no wonder that one of the biggest hypes is the benefits of giving an animal CBD and reducing pain and inflammation. CBD helps to stimulate and regulate the production of a chemical called anandamide. An increase in anandamide is associated with reduced pain signals inside an animal’s brain.

Cannabinoid receptors found in CBD also target areas of the body experiencing pain and may help relieve some of it. This is great news for any senior dogs who are finding life and their limbs a little bit more painful. Aging dogs can experience excellent benefits from CBD.

Like our joints, an aging dog feels the stresses and strains of the many years spent on its four paws and is prone to conditions like arthritis. CBD can help to relieve some of the inflammation arthritis brings. No matter what the reason for pain or inflammation, CBD can help.



Epilepsy is nearly always inherited, although there are other causes. The use of CBD and epilepsy has been well studied in humans, and more recently, in animals. You might have seen a video or two circulating the internet of a beloved pet having a fit, and after just a few drops of CBD, the fitting begins to ease off.

Studies have shown that a full-spectrum CBD product works well with drug-resistant epilepsy patients. Researchers at Colorado State University completed a study using CBD as a treatment for epilepsy in dogs, and 89% of dogs that received CBD had a reduction in seizures. Successful studies make excellent progress towards the formal certification for using CBD as a medical treatment for animals.


Anxiety and Sleep

Some pets have bad separation anxiety, in particular, dogs. Some have sleep problems, either due to pain or anxiety. They are like us humans in a way. The studies into the relationship between CBD and anxiety are still in the early stages, but many pet owners report amazing benefits. One interesting study tested stress levels in rats when faced with a cat, a rat that had regular doses of CBD displayed fewer signs of anxiety.

It is worth remembering that CBD works best to reduce anxiety when taken over time. So, it is best to give it as a daily supplement if your pet suffers from anxiety regularly. The fact that CBD can positively impact so many bodily functions and responses, it is no wonder why it has such a great impact on sleep. Pets are generally more settled and calm when having CBD as a regular supplement to a healthy diet.


When Your Pet Should Start Taking CBD

CBD is most effective when being used as a daily supplement. There is no evidence to suggest what the correct dose should be, and it is advised that you consult a vet before starting your pet on CBD. Products such as the Earthy Now CBD gummies that are available for retailers or as wholesale come with administration instructions. Most products will!

You may want to see how you get on with trial and error to begin with. If your pet is suffering severely from inflammation and pain, they may need more than a normal healthy pet would. If you notice that your pet is becoming too sleepy and their mood is changing dramatically, you might be giving them too much CBD. If you don’t want to give your pet CBD daily, giving it as and when is also ok.



CBD is the up-and-coming product, and your pets can now even enjoy and get all the wonderful benefits. CBD can easily be implemented into a normal healthy diet, and you will find that your pet gets excited to take it. Try CBD with your pet today and see if you notice the benefits!