Wholesale Hemp Shopping Tips

What Are Shopping Secrets for Wholesale Hemp Customers?

Having the option to buy hemp wholesale is appealing to consumers. Hemp is in high demand. The many medicinal properties and the plethora of ways people can use it have made it a popular product to buy wholesale. It’s easy to find hemp in most health and wellbeing stores, but it is easier to buy it online. One of the primary uses for hemp at present is in the manufacturing of CBD oil. CBD oil is one of the most sought-after products.

At present, CBD oil is generating around $730 million in revenue. Thus the demand for wholesale hemp has blossomed to life. As with any product, there are shopping secrets that ensure top-quality hemp is purchased from reliable and trustworthy sources. As the demand for hemp is so high, wholesale suppliers are selling sub-par products at an extortionate price.

Picking The Best Quality Item

The quality of the item will determine the success of the hemp upon distribution. If you want to shop for wholesale hemp now, it’s important to get to grips with the various qualities of hemp. Investing in poor-quality hemp will have a direct impact on any potential profits generated.

Most people use hemp to make CBD products. CBD products sell far better when it is full-spectrum. Full-spectrum basically means there are multiple cannabis extracts, giving users access to a broader range of benefits. Different cannabis extracts bring various benefits. Earning the most profits through wholesale hemp requires full-spectrum products because consumers want the best of the best.

Full-spectrum products are far more versatile in their use and advantages. It will contain better cannabinoids, minerals, nutrients, fiber, protein, and much more. Full-spectrum products are more desirable for people wishing to seek medicinal benefits from their hemp products.

Cost VS Quality

Every industry is dominated by cost VS quality. Consumers want to know that they’re getting the best value for money and not being overcharged for the quality of the product. 47% of shoppers agree that they would rather pay more for a better quality product. Bear this in mind when considering whether to spend a few extra dollars on wholesale products.

It’s far easier to market a top-quality product and sell it rather than a poor-quality product. There are ways of determining the quality of a product before purchasing. Here are some key things to look out for:

Laboratory Tested

Many dishonest sellers are buying wholesale hemp products from the likes of China at a low price that will then sell it wholesale at an incredibly high price. Verify that you’re purchasing legitimate hemp products by requesting to see laboratory testing reports.

Most reputable hemp companies perform their testing in-house, but even if they have used a third-party testing source, laboratory results should still be provided upon request.


The broader the range of products, the more likely that they are of high quality. Wholesalers who sell hemp products amongst others, such as clothing, for example, are often not the most reliable. The most reliable wholesale hemp sellers are the ones that only sell hemp products.

Contrast the assortment against other wholesale distributors to ensure the best deal is being offered. An adequate description of the product is also essential, including the strength and location of harvest.


Consider the strength of the product before purchasing. There are a variety of different hemp products on the market, all of which should have different strengths and strains. As mentioned above, some CBD products require full-spectrum strains; and some people prefer individual strains.

Where Was the Hemp Produced?

Hemp can grow all over the world. There are indoor growing facilities that provide the perfect environment. There isn’t one set location that people grow hemp. However, the location of where the hemp grows plays a factor in the quality. Hemp produced in a factory in China is most likely going to be of poor quality in comparison to hemp grown.

The optimal condition for hemp to grow is a mild climate with a humid atmosphere with at least 25-30 inches of rainfall each year. Sadly, 33% of all hemp is grown in China. That makes it the largest export of hemp products in the world.

Smooth Shipping

Consumers demand a smooth shipping process. Products sent from inside the US tend not to pose a problem. However, products arriving from China may come with import fees and an unwanted shipping charge. The hemp industry, in particular CBD products, is in such high demand that poor shipping options are not good for business.

The likes of Amazon have pioneered same-day delivery, which has reinforced consumer’s desperation to have products as quickly as possible. Offer reliable and rapid shipping options to maximize revenue.

Consider The Target Market

There are hemp products that sell better than others. To understand the target market, look at what competitors are selling and what the trending products are. CBD oil is by far the best-selling CBD product, along with CBD gummies and topical products. It’s crucial to consider the different groups of people in the specific market being targeted.

For example, there was once a time when hemp products were a prohibited substance for athletes, but anti-doping authorities removed it in 2017. If your target market is athletes, the product must have below the minimum requirement of THC.

Reviews Are Gospel

Before buying any wholesale product, reviews should be requested if they’re not already on display. Reviews give an insight into the quality of the product and how it can be used in various applications. Reviews are the chance to see the positives and negatives of every product. Often there is a variety of both, and sometimes it’s important to take negative reviews with a pinch of salt.

If a product has an overwhelming number of positive reviews and a few negatives sprinkled in, it’s most likely a great product. The more reviews there are, the more legitimate it makes the seller. Aim to purchase a product with hundreds of reviews.

The hemp industry is huge, generating billions of dollars worldwide. Investing in wholesale hemp products is a viable business opportunity for anyone. Take the time to find high-quality products, and find a demand to supply.